Welcome to Earthshine From Evan. Thank you for taking the time to view our shop.

As more people choose cremation, the number of those who choose keepsake and sharing urns grows. For many grieving family members, small urns for ashes help fill a space in the tremendous void created by the death of a loved one.

We would like to take a moment to share what motivated us to start a memorial sign business.

My name is Lorrie… a year ago I was searching for a unique condolence gift for my best friend and business partner, who lost her son at a very young age. I couldn’t find anything that was unique or heartfelt enough to convey the heartbreak I felt for her. I wanted something that would comfort her and not be put away in a jewelry box. I wanted something that would serve as a tangible reminder of a beautiful life, a display piece that did not look like the traditional urn, a conversation piece that would last for years to come.

My name is Wendy….. in 2016 my oldest son, Evan, unexpectedly passed away. I realized there were not a lot of custom memorial keepsakes that were personalized and embodied his personality to celebrate his life. I wanted something touching that could be enjoyed by family and friends alike.

After a year of many conversations and variations, we came up with Earthshine from Evan, an urn memorial keepsake sign partnership.

In a lovely tribute Evan's friends referred to him as Earthshine. Earthshine is the reflection of sunlight off the earth and cast upon the moon... lighting up it's darkest places. Evan was truly a reflection of light to everyone he came in contact with... lighting up even their darkest places.

This is truly a labor of love for us. We take our time to make sure the quality of each piece is held to the highest standards as if we were making it for our own family member. With each piece we mail it feels like a piece of us goes with it. We are hoping our memorial keepsakes will shine some light in your life and will be a way to honor your loved-one’s life.

Thank you Logojoy for helping us start our business!

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